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Add some extra columns to a plays object


  to_add = c("receiving_team", "touch_summaries", "setters"),
  rotation = "SHM",
  use_existing = TRUE



data.frame: the plays data.frame as returned by datavolley::read_dv() or peranavolley::pv_read()


character: columns to add

  • "receiving_team" adds the columns "receiving_team" (team name) and "receiving_team_id"

  • "winners" adds the columns "set_won_by", "set_won_by_id" (the name and ID of the team that won the current set), "match_won_by", "match_won_by_id" (the name and ID of the team that won the current match), "team_won_set" and "team_won_match" (did the team making the action in the current row win the set/match), and "home_sets_won" and "visiting_sets_won" (the number of sets won by the home and visiting teams)

  • "touch_summaries" adds a number of columns named "ts_*" that summarize a team touch (e.g. columns "ts_pass_quality", "ts_pass_evaluation_code" give the pass quality and pass evaluation code of the reception or dig associated with a given team touch). "touch_summaries" also adds a column named freeball_over, which disambiguates the action of putting a freeball over the net from the action of digging such a ball. Many scouts code both of these as a "Freeball". The freeball_over column will be TRUE if it was a freeball being put over the net, and FALSE otherwise (including freeball digs). Freeballs over and freeball digs will still both have "Freeball" in their skill column

  • "setters" adds the columns "home_setter_id", "visiting_setter_id" (the player IDs of the home and visiting setter on court), and "setter_id", "setter_position", and "setter_front_back" (the player ID and position of the setter from the team performing the current action)

  • "followed" adds the columns "followed_timeout", "followed_technical_timeout", and "followed_sub"

  • "player_role" add the column "player_role" which gives the role (outside, middle, opposite, setter) for the active player on each row of x. This assumes a standard rotation as specified by rotation. Note that player_role does NOT include libero, although this can be inferred from the meta component of a full datavolley object

  • "all" is a shortcut for all of the above


string: (only relevant when to_add includes "player_role") either "SHM" (assume a setter-hitter-middle rotation order, i.e. outside hitter is in position 2 when the setter is in 1), or "SMH" (setter-middle-hitter)


logical: if TRUE and all of the columns associated with a given to_add choice are already present in x, they won't be re-generated


x with the extra columns added